Rongcheng Renhua Aquatic Co., Ltd.

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Rongcheng Renhua Aquatic Co., Ltd.


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Rongcheng Renhua Aquatic Co., Ltd.

My company is the main manufacturer which is specialized in frozen squid(todarodes) tube and ring. manufacturer in China since 2004, our major clients are U.S. EU.Egypt,Russia Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates and Southeast Asia., We believe that you can rely on us as we provide you quite satisfactory service and products with best quality at most competitive price in the world. We are very happy if you do not hesitate to send us any of your inquiries and we will always give satisfactory services. Products: (frozen squid .tubes, frozen squid rings. frozen squid carvings. ) Scientific name :todarodes pacificus Certification: (HACCP, GAP ,ISO) Place of Origin: (rongcheng China (Mainland)) Freezing Process IQF/BQF Interleaved packing,raw,skinless,wings off,first ring on,tips on,chemical treated Size: U5, U7, U10, etc (squid tube)) 3-6cm, 6-8cm, etc (squid ring) Looking forward to hearing from you at your convenience. Thanks best regards -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MING LIU Tel.: +86 (0631) 3699998 Mob: +86 18606410048 Fax: +86(0631)3699996 E-mail: skype: liuminghp Web:


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